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The cleaner

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Intestinal Formula 1- Buckthorn- restores normal probiotics (flora), Senna- Bowel Cleaner and Magnesium source, Cape Aloeremoves bowel poisons, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, repairs digestive tract, Barberry- Loss of appetite, convalescence, tonic, high blood
pressure, excessive menstrual flow, nose bleeds, selenium source, emaciation (skin and bones). Ginger- diuretic, settles upset
stomach, dispels gas, digest aid, nausea, Cascara Sagrada- gives the bowels the strength to move, regularity, Garlic- cleans mucus of
digestive tract, prevents diarrhea, boost immune system, reduce blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, Licorice- specific for low
blood sugar, stamina, magnesium source, ulcers, stress, Capsicum- expels gas, parasites, and candida, cleans mucus from the digestive
tract, Fennel, curb appetite, digest aid, expels gas. (30 capsules)

Intestinal Formula 2 - Cleans first 12 inches of small intestine/duodenum, diarrhea, constipation, relaxed digestive organs, sinuses,
alimentary canal mucus cleaner, depurative, ear and eye problems, antibiotic, tonic, alterative, poor intestinal tone, general
gastrointestinal dysfunction. (Turkey Rhubarb, Bayberry, Oregon Grape, Golden Seal) (30 Capsules